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Protective kit - General Information


Gas mask kits were first distributed to Israeli residents in 1990 on the eve of the First Gulf War. Up until 2003 Pikud Haoref (Home Front Command) maintained the gas mask kits on a regular basis.

As a result of demographic changes that occurred after 2003 and because of wear and tear on the kits, as well as kits that were no longer approved for use, the government decided on an operation to collect the gas mask kits from residents throughout the country.

The operation continued throughout 2007-2008, during which time most of the kits were collected from the residents to be refurbished and renewed in preparation for future distribution.

Distribution of the gas mask kits began on 28 February 2010. Residents may come to open distribution centers throughout the country until the distribution ends, to pick up a kit on presentation of appropriate ID.

For your information, you can get a gas mask kit in either of two ways:

1) By going to the distribution station
2) By ordering home delivery service from the Israel Postal Authority, in return for a delivery fee.

Important: the home delivery service costs 25 shekels for either one or two kits and 40 shekels for three kits or more.

The Israel Postal Authority website®Id=0

presents updated information concerning the various open distribution centers throughout the country.
For additional information, contact the Israel Postal Authority's Call Answering Center *2237 or visit the Israel Postal Authority website.

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