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Home Front Command Engineers

The Dan District

Secretariat Offices to make appointments: Tel: 03-5598714 Fax: 03-5598712

Engineer: Major Yigal Feberman, Tel: 03-5598717,  03-5598710

Engineer: Captain Ms. Adi Shitrit, Tel: 03-5598717,  03-5598710



The Central District

#162 Sderot Jerusalem, 1st Fl., Holon

Engineer: Michael Zelinger, Tel: 03-6811520/39  Fax: 03-6811533


Kfar Sava - #20 Ta’as St., P.O.Box 61

Engineer: Beni Altshul, Tel: 09-7658843  Fax: 03-5692325
Engineer: 1st Lieutenant Moshe Shlomo, Tel: 03-5692301


 The Jerusalem District

Jerusalem -  #27 Rechov Hillel

Engineer: Major Tal Cohen, Tel: 02-5697167, 02-5697149  Fax: 02-5697149


 The Northern District - Haifa
Haifa – #145 א  Rechov Yaffo, 5th floor

Engineer: Michael Goichman, Tel: 04-8695858/9  Fax: 04-8695764



 The Northern District - Tabor

Afula - #34 Rechov Yehoshua, Ateret House

Engineer: Naftali Koren, Tel: 04-6095407  Fax: 04-6095410



 The Northern District – Galil
Kibbutz Lohami Ha-Getaot  

Engineer: Israel Peled, Tel: 04-6800296  Fax: 04-6545614



  The Southern District

Beer-Sheva – Mercaz Ha-Negev Building

Engineer: David Goldstein, Tel: 08-9903168 Fax: 08-9903144
Engineer: Lieutenant Aviaz Cohen, Tel: 08-9903168 Fax: 08-9903144

Note:  Appointments for reception must be made with each Engineer by phone.