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Initial Self Aid

The community members are a central constituent in the reply for a massive emergency event (earthquake), it is because of the simple fact that they are an available force that is already common in the field of the event. Training civilians as the first responders in the community aid is to "solve" the military paradox. An obvious premise on an earthquake event is the inability of the rescuing and emergency groups in the first hours of the event to arrive and fulfill rescuing activities. The civilians that will be trained in this program framework can give the first response needed to rescue the captured or other injured in their area without being aided by the rescue and emergency forces.
The volunteers that will be trained in the program will be gathered according to their residential area by the local authority, organizations that are named the initial self aid unit and they are under the responsibility of the local authority office of managing and establishing or under the government ministry.

Purpose of the training:
To provide the information and the tools to one's duty and volunteers in the local authority of active competing with earthquakes in the first hours of the event, until the rescuing forces arrive.

  • The course contents:
    - Easy rescuing missions.
  • - The character behavior of the population during an emergency.
  • - Behavior rules during an earthquake.
  • - The volunteer's duty in the different event stages.
  • - The emergency organizations duties and assistance in the earthquake events.
  • - The devastation and endangerments features that accompany restrictions.
  • - Extinguishing fires.
  • - First aid.

Training date:
• Student capacity: 20-40 participants.
• Duration of the training: 17 hours – 9 hours of easy rescuing, 6 hours of first aid and two hours of fire extinguishing.
• The distributions of the hours will be carried according to the clients choice:
- A daily tri-framework in the morning hours.
- A daily tri-framework in the evening hours.
- Two whole days.

• Logistics: it is the trained group responsibility to coordinate a class that includes a computer and a slide projector, refreshment throughout the day\evening for the participants.

• Likewise, in the training day the trained group will be required to place in a small devastation site for the teams to practice and placing a heavy mechanical equipment operator in favor of staging the site, establishing refreshing points and a drinking water point.
• A guidance team will arrive with personal protection equipment for the students + basic rescuing equipment for practice (mallets, hammers, a jack for lifting et cetera).

Schedule tablets:
Tri-daily framework in the morning hours

Tri-daily framework in the evening hours

A two days framework

For you to utilize, an initial self aid moderator that includes the comprehension details including the training constituent and the personal military equipment to the initial self aid rescuing during the events:

Initial self aid moderator

Notepad pocket for a initial self aid rescuer

Initial self aid personal military equipment in the Arabic language