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Instructors (m/f) for General Population During Emergency

The instructor for the general population during an emergency is an ambassador of the Home Front Command for Israel’s population, in preparation for different emergency situations: natural disasters, defense from aerial weapons (missiles, mortars, Katyusha rockets, etc.) and self-protection from unconventional warfare.

The main function of the emergency instructor is training 5th graders in elementary schools throughout the country

 as part of the program called Educating for Emergency, jointly of the Ministry of Education and the Home Front Command; as well as training the adult population in industries and organizations on the correct behavior during emergencies.

The instructor meets a great diversity of the population, among them the hard of hearing, children, adults, essential industries, police, border patrol and others.

Upon enlistment, the instructor undergoes basic training with rifles at one of the army bases for recruits. After completing basic training, the soldier continues his/her training in the Bahad 16 training base – School of Search and Rescue at Zrifin.


The training is quite broad and includes pedagogic contents as well as professional ones –
child psychology, training skills and standing before an audience, dealing with stressful situations, interpersonal relations, different teaching techniques for various groups in the population, existing threats to Israel, preparing the general population to deal with these conditions and more. The training program includes many seminars with academic lecturers, professional workshops and actual training at schools.


Placement and Promotion

On completion of the training course – placement at one of the Home Front Command’s districts throughout the country (usually on a base nearest the place of residence).

1.    Training Development Team – Home Front Command’s headquarters/district.

2.    Positions of Command and Training – the course for Instructors for General Population During Emergency, at the Bahad 16 training base.

3.    Officers’ training course


Further information can be obtained at Tel:  08-6794220