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Search and Rescue Instructors

The threat to the home front population from missile hits, terrorism, and earth quakes requires preparedness and a high level of professionalism in this field, with emphasis on professional knowhow in rescuing people trapped in/under destroyed buildings.

Search and Rescue Instructors deal with frontal training in courses for Search and Rescue and in professional training for those frameworks and units who specialize in this field.

The instructors will specialize in rescuing people trapped under wreckage and destruction, contributing thought to the matter and properly operating the mass of rescue equipment and techniques that they will learn..



The training of a Search and Rescue Instructor (m/f) is spread over a period of six months and is divided into two parts:


1.    Basic training.

2.    Search and Rescue Course.

Basic Training:

The three-month basic training is conducted at The Home Front Command training base.

During basic training, the instructors will learn army discipline, spend weeks of becoming familiar with the area around them, marches and basic knowledge of weapons while improving the soldiers’ physical fitness.

At the conclusion of basic training, the instructor will be qualified as a rifleman grade 03.


Search and Rescue Instructor Course

The Search and Rescue Course is conducted at the Bahad 16 training base, the Home Front Command School for Search and Rescue and Preparedness of the civilian population.

During the three months of the course, the instructor will undergo training in many and varied subjects including;

1.    Contents dealing with ways of rescue, techniques for locating and rescuing trapped individuals, techniques for entering a damaged area and more.

2.    Subjects dealing in instruction and training skills.

The course includes many exercises, patrols and reconnaissance, learning to cooperate with rescue teams, medical units, police, firefighters and ambulance units.

Graduates of the Search and Rescue Instructors’ training course will train and instruct trainees, in exercises and drills, to qualify for the subjects in search and rescue conducted at the Bahad 16 training base.

The instructor must specialize in rescue training and show proficiency in the different techniques of search and rescue so that he can train a wide variety of target populations:  reservists, regular soldiers and civilians.

Promotion Opportunities:

1.    Head Training position in an army unit.

2.    Position of Development of Training Teams (Zafa).

3.    Officers’ training course.

Recruitment screening process: Admission requirements are Quality Rating (Kaba) of 48-56, Profile from 72 and above.


Further information can be obtained at Tel:  08-6794220