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Operations Room Sergeant

The Operations Room Sergeant is the coordinating agent between the soldiers in the field and the officers of the military Sectors, and vice versa.

He receives all the information happening in the field and throughout the Sector, creating a situation “status report” for the different level officers, thus assisting in the decision making regarding important events taking place in the Sector.

It can be said that the daily work of the Operations Room Sergeant is in effect saving the lives of the soldiers and the civilians living on the borders of the country and the Home Front.

Duration of Training: Three to five weeks (depending on the kind of Operations’ Sergeant).

Placement and Promotion:  On-going security Sectors, Command Headquarters, Operations’ Division and Home Front Command units. The opportunity is available for officers’ training and taking part in Officers’ Training in the Ma’oz course at Bahad training base #1, for those soldiers found suitable and recommended.

On completion of the course, most of the graduates will be placed in positions as war room officers or placed in different officers’ positions in The Home Front Command.


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