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Designated Officer’s Training

Nature of the Position:

If you’ve chosen to serve in The Home Front Command on the path of Designated Officer’s Training, a variety of opportunities for meaningful service will be available to you as an officer in The Home Front Command.

The variety of positions are wide and diversified, beginning with being an officer in the operations’ room and including a search and rescue officer, unconventional warfare officer, etc.


Length of Training:

One year and two months including: basic training, a fundamental course, preparation, Bahad training base #1 and completion or finalization.

Qualities of leadership and professionalism are imbued in the future officer at every stage mentioned above, with emphasis placed on physical fitness. In addition, you undergo experience in the field, learn subjects of command, navigation, competence in search and rescue and unconventional warfare.


Placement and Promotion:

1.    The Home Front Command Headquarters – in the position of an officer assisting the Staff.

2.    The Home Front Command  Districts – in positions of educating the general population, officer in Operations’ Room and officers assisting the General Staff in attributing the Home Front.

3.    Regular Battalions – Officer in the Battalions’ Operations’ Room subject to the Battalion’s General Headquarters.

4.    Bahad training base 16 – Training Officer, Officer  


*The position necessitates signing on for an additional year of career army as well as additional screening.