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Words from the HFC Commander

Our obligation as the Israel defense forces are to stand tall and be on our guard, to do everything we can in order to prepare the Israel civilians for every possible scenario.
The home front command's task is to prepare the Israel inhabitants to deal better with emergency situations and to be the main professional authority for civil protection in different fields, such as: extrication, rescuing, dangerous substances, NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) in the civil home front.
The home front command's preparedness is a consistent task that is in the shoulders of every civilian in the Israeli state. The might of the Israel state and its capacity to deal with different threats lies in them, citizens of the state.
The home front command stands with you and takes care of deployment and preparedness with the corporation of all of the extraction and rescuing organizations, the emergency government rule and all of the government ministries. This preparation is our guiding principle.
In the home front command website you can find material and specific information in the field of civil defense.
Additionally, you can get updated on what is done in the home front command and the civilian space.
For those of you, nominated to join, can find in-depth information of the different roles and diverse that the home front command has to offer.
Likewise, you are welcome to make contact with us and we'll be happy to answer and help you.
I hope you will find in the website the answers to all of your questions.