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Wide Area Life Locator - Enhanced


In a case of massive destruction caused by natural or man-caused events, there is a need of fast detection and mass location of trapped people. Currently, cellular phones' location is most cost-effective method for addressing this task.

Scenario Analysis

Fast locating and tracking cellular phones is required in the following scenarios:

Extensive destruction by natural causes: Earthquake, storm, hurricane etc.

Man made causes: bombing, missile explosion etc.

Other scenarios with large numbers of missing people: Forest fire, flood etc.

Wide Area Life Locator Enhanced (WALLE) - Features

The WALLE system provides high accuracy 3D detection and location of cellular phones in destruction site. The system is fully autonomous (does not rely on external electricity, cellular operator service etc.). The system is specifically designed with the following characteristics of destruction sites in mind:

Urban environment: High-rise buildings, steep slopes, inaccessible sites etc.

High background noise level: Rescue actions, people on site etc.

Infrastructure damage: Cellular service down, no water, electricity, gas etc.