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The combination of flammable material, heat, and oxygen creates a fire that spreads easily when uncontained. Fire is hazardous through direct contact with flames and heat. Indirectly, fire can also cause choking from smoke inhalation or a building collapse as a result of heat melting its structure. A fire can be an emergency in and of itself or as a result of another emergency (i.e., Earthquake).

1. Maintain order and cleanliness to avoid rapid spread of fire, should it ignite, and make it easier to contain.

2. Keep flammable objects (furniture, curtains, etc.) far from sources of heat (ovens, lights, etc.).

3. Avoid plugging multiple electrical devices into electrical outlets and power strips.

4. Plan in advance escape routes in case of fire – make sure it is free of dangers and flammable materials.

5. Avoid keeping flammable liquids – if it is necessary to keep flammable liquids, store them in a secure place and far from heat sources.

6. Prepare fire-extinguishing equipment in advance: It is advised from every house to be equipped with a fire extinguisher and a water hose, kept near the exit and ready for quick use if necessary. Learn how to the equipment in advance.


When a fire ignites, it is important to respond quickly and to extinguish the fire when it starts.
In case of a fire from an electrical device, DO NOT unplug the device from the outlet but rather turn off the main circuit breaker and try to extinguish the fire.
DO NOT pour water where there is electricity to avoid electrocution.
If a pot or frying instrument catches fire, DO NOT pour water on the flaming oil. Cover the pot or frying instrument (i.e., with the top or a towel) and turn off the main gas.
Call Israel Fire and Rescue Services by dialing 102 while trying to extinguish the fire.
If you cannot extinguish the fire, leave immediately because the fire will intensify and the space will fill up with thick and toxic.

1. If there is a clear path to outside, exit immediately and call Israel Fire and Rescue Services by dialing 102.
2. When exiting, stay as close to the floor as possible, under the layer of smoke (smoke rises).
3. Upon exiting, close the door behind you but do not lock it.
4. DO NOT reenter the building but do not leave the area – your input can provide vital information for firefighters!
5. If you have information about trapped persons in the building, immediately notify firefighters.
6. Reenter the building ONLY after receiving specific permission from the onsite fire rescue team.

If you cannot exit the building, gather all family members in the closest room, close the door and open a window to get fresh air from outside.
 If necessary, cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth.
Stay as close to the floor as possible, under the layer of smoke (smoke rises).
Before opening any doors, touch the doorknob – if it is hot, DO NOT open the door.
Place a wet towel under the door to keep out fire and smoke.
Yell and wave something white or colorful (colors will stand out against the smoke) out the window to signal for help.
DO NOT jump from a high floor.
Call Israel Fire and Rescue Services by dialing 102 and wait for the firefighters to arrive.


For more information about fire safety at home, visit the Israel Fire and Rescue Services website: