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Information for people with special needs concerning protection against rocket attack

 These instructions are intended for people with special needs. Their aim is to help people with handicaps and their families, caregivers, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and professional people to prepare properly and act in accordance with the required procedures in case of rocket attack.


• If you are in a secure space it is desirable that you remain with other people, especially people you know who can create a supportive environment.

• It is a good idea to notify a neighbor, relative or friend as well as the assistance providers in the Authorities of the presence of a handicapped person at this location, and to give them telephone numbers, e-mail and SMS addresses, etc where you can be reached.

• It is recommended that you apply to a relevant organization, to a professional association with which you maintain ties, or to the municipal call center to ensure beforehand that there is someone who will be able to help you in time of need.

• Prepare in advance all essential telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and Internet support sites of contact persons.

• For owners of mobile phones – ensure that the battery is fully charged and that the battery charger can be reached at all times.

For a video of the home front command guidance's for people with mental limitations – click here

Choose the protected space from advance according to the home front command guidance's  and make it the way it will personally fit the needs and the limitations.
Keep away objects (such as: flowerpot, different ornamentation objects et cetera), that can be an obstacle and can hinder your way to and inside the protected space.
Make sure that the objects and essential devices will be on permanent place, identified and comfortable to reach.
Equip the protected space that you've chosen with unique aide accessories that are required to you, according to your own considerations, such as: hearing devices, accessories for cleaning and reserve batteries, shelter television with amplification system (if there is any) and a supplier for the amplification system, fax device with papers and reserve ink, cellular phone device for sending and receiving sms messages, pager recharger and computer batteries with internet communications, electric splitter, writing tools and a notepad, identification tag that are written with important messages (for example, "I only read lips"), and also you also have the alert system at your disposal (for example, baby crying hearing device, an alert on the ringing phone, fax, alert, amplifier or flickering lighting system for signaling on a knock or ringing on the door, distress button, whistle or a bell to call for aid).
Make sure that all of the essential devices and objects will always be in your reach.
It's recommended to put in to the water room (at least one liter for a person), some food and first aid kit.
Every instructions of the home front command will be transmitted trough means of communications. Confirm from ahead that the means of communications that you put inside the protected space are working and place them somewhere where there is reception.
For further guidance's during an event – press this link:

Be equipped as much as possible with medical documents singed by the caregiver doctor, and those documents will be noted with these next details: your health condition, list of the medicines that you consume and the required dosage, list of routinely checkups that you must go through, another prescription and any other information such as diet instructions, other instructions from the doctor and a HMO (health maintenance organization) card.
Make sure to have enough medicines and pay heed towards registration periods that you're not allowed to use medicines.
Equip with an equipment aid that you're in need of, such as: insulin syringe, oxygen et cetera.


Preparations for people who are confined at home:

Constant waiting in the house and especially in the protected space can cause phenomenon's of anxiety and pressure that may affect badly for the family's functioning and the household's during times of emergency. We recommend overall to make an emergency family plan and including it with games, conversations and other activities that will help the family to deal with the challenges and the difficulties that are accompanied during a constant emergency situation.

The deaf and hard of hearing population in the country of Israel are entitled for a pager that will be used during an emergency situation. The pager will send a written message in real time for the emergency situation.

The criterion for receiving pagers:
A) A hearing decrease of 50 decibels and an ascent in the good ear.
B) Ages of 12 and up.

The method of deterring the entitlement of receiving pagers:
 For The applicant to receive a pager has to transfer to the rehabilitation department, welfare office and social services, a request form for receiving a pager for an emergency time with the addition writing relinquishment of secrecy (see appendix), and a photograph of an identity card and a form of hearing examination – audiogram, (for those who are not at the age of 16 are entitled to present an identity card of one of the parents and an addendum that confirms the age and the dwelling place).
The forms must be transferred to rehabilitation department in the welfare office for the fax: 02-5085112.
The form can be downloaded in the rehabilitation department site: (
The audiogram examination will be carried out by the national communications clinician in the welfare office.

Means of contacting the welfare office:
Phone – 02-6752518, fax – 02-6752803, mail –


Method of receiving the pager:
At the end of the process of examination entitlement for a pager, the petitioner will receive a letter from the welfare office that is informed that he is entitled for a pager (beeper). In order to receive the pager the petitioner must make contact with the beeper company trough one of these next means: phone – 03-6100066, fax – 03-6104395, mail:
You must identify with a name and number of the ID and correlate with the beeper company the appointed time and place that is suited for receiving the pager. Also it is recommended to make sure that the device is accumulated accordingly to your dwelling place, work place\school.
In case you already have a beeper you received in the past, you must bring it with you and get a new one in return.
You need to keep contact with the beeper company and reach a branch in accordance in 14 days – time give away are limited!!

The lost or a problem of a pager:
Getting a pager for free is a onetime only.
The entitled one who has lost a pager will pay for a new pager purchase. In case there are pagers malfunctioning there is a period of responsibility only for parts of the device or if it got wet and it cannot get fixed, the entitled person will be force to pay the price cost of the new pager.
A person who poses pagers that do not work – must turn to the beeper communication company trough mail, fax or phone. You need to note out what is the subscriber number of the customer and what model is the device.
In case and the pager is from the previous model, the applier can get a new one. In case the device is still valid in the beeper company's check up laboratories there will be no payment. In case repairmen will be required, the repair will be for the client to pay. Maximal repair cost: 280 shekels for 1 device.

Means of communications beeper company communication Ltd:
Phone – 03-6100066 , fax: 03-6104395, mail:

The pager comes with batteries from the kind of AAA ALKLAIN only, do not put any other battery because it can cause leakage and malfunction of the device. To exchange and purchase new batteries are the pager's receiver responsibility.
To the central service of the beeper company list – press here

In a secured area:
Be certain that the room you picked can withstand the load of number of devices is matching and it has electrical outlet and television.
Equip the secured area that you've chosen with unique aid accessories that you are required, according to your discretion, such as: hearing devices, cleaning accessories and reserve batteries, shelter television with amplification system (if there is) and a provider for the amplification system, fax device with paper and reserve ink, cellular phone for sending and receiving SMS messages and an electrical charger, pager and batteries, computer with internet connection, power splitter, writing tools and notepad, identification badge and are written important notifications (for example: "I read lips only") and the alert system that are in your disposal (for example: detector for baby crying, alert ringing on the phone, fax, alarm, amplifier or flashing lighting system for knocking on the door or ringing the door, distress switch, whistle or bell for calling for help).

Organize the secure space and keep on frequently accessing it and its comfort ability on it.
Evacuate all of the objects that could interrupt the movements of people.
Make a personal identification card including: name and family name, number of the ID, the health maintenance organization (HMO) and caregiver doctor, name of the patient, lists of medications, blood type, special needs, allergies, medical emphasis and phone numbers of family members and relatives.
Build in the secure space the equipment of the guidance animal and important personal equipment.
To receive further information you may turn to the rehabilitation department in the welfare on the phone number: 02-5085400.

Choose a secure space that suits your movement limitations, thus when an alarm is heard or "color red" signal appears, you can reach it safely and in your own time period that was decided in the home front command guidance's. If you need much longer time from the mentioned guidance's of reaching the secure space, locate a different secure space or alternatively prepare copying a place according to your sleeping arrangements for the secured space you have chosen.
Arrange you secure space and its path towards it to allow a great accessibility and comfort. Evacuate all of the objects than could interrupt your movements if you're using a motorized wheelchair or a motorized electric scooter, make sure you have extra and available batteries, electrical charger and a wheelchair that isn't motorized.
Be prepared in cases you cannot use the elevator, and you'll have to be carried without your personal wheelchair.
Be prepared for a possibility of a puncture in the wheel. Make a kit for repairing the puncture and filling the wheel with air according to its requirement, or alternatively make reserve inner tubes and a pump.
Consider the possibility of equipping with a pair of heavy gloves in order to spinning the wheels on defective paths.
Prepare a bag, where you have your personal details written, and the essential equipment for you to stay in the secure space, package that can be connected to the wheelchair, walker, electric scooter et cetera.

For those who are aided by foreigners
Convert the attention of the foreigners for advertising in different languages by means of communications and in the internet website and the information center of the home front command on the phone number 104.

It's recommended to practice with the person with necessary activities to enter the secure space and the required behavior during the sound of "red colored" slogan or alert.
Prepare medicines, needed accessories and personal important equipment. You should prepare reserve clothes, personal hygiene products, foods and drinks according to a person's preference. If special food is required, equip with minced food or food replacement.
It's important to create in the secure space a relaxing atmosphere and take care of relaxing and enjoying activities. You can lessen stress and pressure by calming, cooperating, personal application with the person's name, breathing exercise et cetera.
In every situation where a person with mental retardation has other limitations (such as moment limitations or psychological problems), be assisted with relevant guidance's for these other disabilities.
Make a personal identification card including: name and family name, number of the ID, the health maintenance organization (HMO) and caregiver doctor, name of the patient, lists of medications, blood type, special needs, allergies, medical emphasis and phone numbers of family members and relatives.

Instructions for the subject of secure space
During an emergency sometimes you hear alarms. These alarms inform us that rockets are being shot at us. When hearing the alarms you need to act immediately according to the instructions:
If there is a Mamad (apartment secure space, found within an apartment) at home – you need to enter the room and close the door and the windows of the room. If there is enough time you can come down to the shelter.
If there isn't a secure space at home and there is no possibility or time to go to the shelter – you need to go to the safest place that's in the house. The safest place in the house is an inner room where there are few windows or exterior wall. If you live in a multiple floor building you can come to the staircase room.
In every place we'll be, we will stay away from windows and wait a few minutes until the alarm stops, and a few more minutes to make sure that the threat is over.
It's worthwhile to be with more people – this way we'll feel safer. You can speak with them in the meanwhile or think of good things so that you can calm down. After everything is over you can go out back to your home. And most importantly- don't panic!

A short film guidance's for people with intellectual (developmental) disability and autism


Preparations for people who deal with mental disorder
You need to recognize in advance the secure space at home and arrange with an acquaintance with it.
You need to know the safety procedural in a time of an emergency
You need to recognize the intermediary, the caretaker and rehabilitation people that can give you a response in times of emergency, in case it's relevant. When the escalation begins its recommended to purchase medicines, water and food than another date later.
If you have any questions concerning you or your family members, please turn to a therapist or a rehabilitation factor that is available to you. Additionally you can turn to telephone service center for mental support with crisis hotline (phone 1201) NATAL Israel (1-800-363-363) and the national telephone service center of the ministry of health on the phone *5400.