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The Protection Improvement

According to the civil defense law, 1951, each citizen is obligated to build a bomb shelter (or a secure space) in every house or factory (in every construction), for that purpose the home front command has published regulations and specifications for building bomb shelters and secure spaces.
In certain conditions the home front command approves of carrying out different kinds of protection other than the bomb shelter of the standard secure space that is called protection improvement.

Significant improvement of the room's durability against the explosion effect and a non-conventional threat, by strengthening the rooms through the protection improvement method.

1. Carrying out protection improvements is limited to cases which cannot be carried out a standard protection according to the civil defense regulations.
2. It is required to prove, geometrically, to the home front command the inability carrying out the standard protection as a condition for approval of using the protection improvement method.
3. The room's durability level that is reinforced in the protection improvement method is lower than that of a standard secure space.

1. The protection solution in the protection improvement method is based on strengthening valid wall rooms, strengthening defenses (if it will be required) and replacing valid doors and windows with those who are designated for standard secure spaces.
2. The common method for protection improvement is room strengthening through pouring or spraying concrete from the inner side of the room, or replacing a valid wall with a lowered concrete wall according to the specifications – "strengthening and sealing of valid rooms – protection improvement", that is in this website.
3. Another method for protection improvement is a protected steel structure in the area of 5 square meters that is folded routinely and opens up during an emergency. This method belongs to commercial company and was approved by the home front command.
4. Another method for protection improvement that was tested in an explosion experiment is based on strengthening walls using inner covering from industrial "steeldeck" sheet metal available in the market, with the support of skeleton steel. The method includes combining standard protective frames of secure spaces, such as: residential door page, residential window page and inner sealed window. Inner covering of the room is reinforced calcium sulfate covered or reinforced standard cement board, this way you receive a regular and acceptable finish in the structures. In this method the advantages rather than the valid method are: the use of steel components weights far less, the method doesn't include significant wet works and doesn’t adversely affect the stability of the structure during an earthquake. Likewise, the cost of the method and time to make are significantly smaller than the regular method for protection improvements.

The home front command strives for testing and developing other solutions for protection improvements. In the market there are many protection products that can be installed voluntary, but the majority of them isn't standard and doesn't grant an exemption from standard protection in case of a structure building permit, that way the applicant will have to build a standard protection as a condition for the home front command approval in the permit framework.
We recommend turning for each professional question about valid protection possibilities, their intactness and possible use of them and for the engineer branch and protection through this website.