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A Stormy Weather

One of the emergencies that forces are to act is a stormy weather.
In days of rain, snow or storms, settlements can be disconnected from water and electricity et cetera.
Therefore, we recommend to you on variety of ways where you can prepare for a stormy weather and make sure that you and your family is ready.
Know that you know how, it's your responsibility to be prepared.
Have a warm and safe winter!





You need to check the drainage gutter intactness, impermeability of the roof, and the pruning of the trees.
You need to be prepared with items that will help you go through the storm peacefully:
- Means of communications that will help you stay updated (computer, television, radio on batteries).
- Cellular phone, including backup batteries\mobile charger.
- 3 liters of water closed in bottles for each person for one day. It's recommended to prepare water for 3 days.
- Food in closed packages, such as canning and snacks.
- Emergency lighting (LED), flashlight and batteries.
- Warm clothes and blankets.
- Generator

According to the recommendations of the national cardiology council, you need to be careful during a snow clearing, as a result from the heavy load to the heart (due to a great physical effort) in a very low temperature and in a very short amount of time when you are doing the snow clearing activity.
Such a great physical load especially when a person isn't trained for it can cause a severe heart ache that will result in a heart attack and sudden death. Therefore, according to these guidance's:
- A known patient with a sick heart or patient with a lot of blood pressure will not be participated during a snow clearing.
- No clearing the snow after drinking alcohol.
- It's recommended to drink a lot of water before and during the snow clearing activity.

- Clearing the snow will begin when you are fully dressed in warm clothes, it's advisable to wear layers of clothes.
- You need to start doing warm up exercise before starting the snow clearing.

- Snow clearing will be done with progression and with rest breaks.

It's recommended to install a smoke detector in every bedroom and in bedrooms that are in the entrance lobby.

The value of volunteering and mutual work for those around you these days, are all the more very important.
When you are defending yourselves and prepare your families for the stormy weather, check if your neighbors could be aided with the equipment that you have in your disposal, even conceder of carrying out a shared purchase with the neighbors.
Check if nearby your residence area there are elderly people or those with special needs that need help and aid them, so that all of us can make it pass the stormy weather safely.