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Guidance's for those who use the roads:

In a stormy weather one of the biggest danger is sliding, whether driving the road in a car or a motorcycle, bicycle or even walking on the sidewalk.
The powerful winds, in addition to the roads, sidewalks and slippery paths can cause a traffic accident, injuries and unnecessary fractures.
You need to drive carefully, drive slowly and try to reduce the long outside walks out of home these days as much as you can, in order to maintain your health and keep yourselves safe.
 On a stormy weather the public must drive twice as carefully and do not get close to puddles, and water pools- due to the dangers of falling, being carried out by the water and drowning.
 The public drivers must drive accordingly to the conditions of the road, to avoid driving on flooded roadways, keep a distance and slow down their speed driving.
Keeping the safety rules and a correct driving could save lives, please, drive carefully!
Driving the vehicle on the stormy weather is life threatening and needs to be avoided as much as possible.

• The drivers must keep turning the lights on.
• You need to match the driving speed accordingly to the road conditions and the visibility, including when entering curved roads and while doing turns.
• Do not make sudden stops and keep a distance from the vehicle ahead of you.
• You need to be well concentrated while driving and avoid from any distractions, such as: using the cellular phone or dealing with the children in the backseat.
• It is forbidden to stop on road brims, only on organized refreshing stations you are allowed to stop. If there is no other choice and there is a malfunction in the vehicle, you need to pass to a safety railing away from the roadway and call the Israeli police on the phone number 100.
You need to be updated with the police telephone service center on the phone 110 on events of streets\closed road and ways of going trough.
You need to hear to the instructions and guidance's of the rescue and safety forces.