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Safety guidance's on fire during the winter

In the winter the amount of fires at homes rises due to the constant use of electrical heat devices and the overload of the electricity system.
In a stormy weather, "heat correctly and you prevent a disaster".

- Clear off the gas ovens, electrical devices and the heater away from flammable materials such as: curtains, clothes, toys and bedclothes.

- When using heat devices at home that work on gas or on fire wood, you need to leave the window open or even an open vent, or else you can suffocate from the heat.

- It's necessary to leave the air vent that's in the staircase ceiling open to let out smoke during a fire.

- Staircases and the lobby entrance of the building will be clear from objects, furniture's and junk, in order to have a faster escape route during the fire.

- During an electrical blackout it's recommended to use emergency light with batteries or other means of light and avoid from lighting up candles inside the house.
- It's recommended to install a smoke detector in every bedroom and in bedrooms that are in the entrance lobby.

- When using heat devices at home that work on gas or oil, it's important to leave the window open for the ventilation of the house.

- Before using a fireplace\hearth, it's required to clean the chimney and leave the window open for ventilation. It's recommended to carry out weekly visual checks, proper tidying of the fireplace or hearth, and a periodic cleaning of the chimney.

- You need to make sure that the maintenance and the management of the fireplace or the hearth are according to the instructions of the manufacturer and the safety rules.

- You need to store the ashes that were created from the firewood outside of the house and clear it off at least 3 meters from anything that is a flammable matter.

- During the installment of the fireplace or the hearth, use only the original parts. Make sure that the door of the fireplace of the hearth is made of metal or glass that can withstand heat.


- In a stove or a fireplace wood that are without a door- it's required to always use a net curtain that is made out of metal.

- A malfunction in the electrical devices will be repaired only by a certified electrician.

- Do not activate many electrical devices that are plugged on one electrical outlet, in order to prevent overloading and causing an electrical system malfunction that causes electrocution or conflagration.

- Don't put the laptop on a soft bed such as a mattress or a blanket. The laptop has a vent and needs to have ventilation entrance; therefore, it's required put it on a hard bedding surface such as a table or a designated surface.

- No folding the electric sheet, electric blanket or electric pillow while they're still plugged in the socket, in order to prevent a shortage and a fire.

- Its necessary turning off all of the electric devices, to have a nearby fire extinguisher and turning off the stove-top before going to sleep or leaving the house, even if it is for a short while.

- Do not activate the electrical devices if there is a worn or a cracked cable, or if the cable is heating after activating the electrical device. An attempt to fix or to replace the electric cable could end in a disaster. You need to turn to a certified professional.

- It's recommended to arrange an inspection for the electrical system by a certified electrician. 

In every case where there is a conflagration, you need to call to the telephone service center of the fire fighters and rescuing on the phone number 102 immediately.
During a fire disconnect the electrical current by using the electric breaker.
Do not spill water in a place where there is electricity.
Clear away from the place there is a fire, family members or other people that can get hurt and listen to the fire fighters instructions.