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Proper action to take after an earthquake

• Do not use a gas flame or electricity of any kind (including cell phones) for fear of explosion due to leaking gas.

• Leave the building and remain in an open area, far from the building.

• Before leaving the building, disconnect the apartment's cooking gas supply line and main electric breaker (switch). It is also advisable to disconnect the cooking gas supply line and main electric breaker of the entire building. The gas supply and electricity will be reconnected only by an authorized technician and only after it is determined that the gas supply system and the gas cocks to all consumers in the building are in operating condition and closed.

• Entry into any building that has been damaged is prohibited without the approval of a structural engineer (except for rescue operations)

• Listen to the radio (in a car, for example) for information and instructions.
Trapped under rubble

• If people are trapped under the rubble in your immediate vicinity, use household tools, with proper judgment, to lift heavy objects, such as a car jack or an iron rod. If possible, provide first aid.

• If you are trapped under the rubble yourself, try to get out. Use an item of clothing to cover your nose and mouth to prevent breathing dust, and avoid exhausting yourself by shouting. Bang on a pipe or walls to help the search and rescue people find you. Do not light a flame!

Be prepared for aftershocks – these shocks occur minutes, days or months after an earthquake and can collapse buildings that have been weakened by the initial earthquake.