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Supervisor Perpetrations Civilian Self Defense:

As obligated from the civilian self defense in 1951 and from the civilian self defense regulation (factories and institutes equipment and training their workers) in 1973, a factory owner or an institute is responsible for citizen protection on his\her area.
In order to be held correctly and be prepared for an emergency situation, the local authorities, national infrastructure group and the different factories business sector must learn the subject of civilian self defense, the field of its responsibility and the duties of other emergency groups, the way you cooperate with them and the preparation activities that need to be done on a daily routine and in an emergency.
The home front command trains the civil defense supervision alignment laws in the local authorities, government ministry, and infrastructure groups in factories and institutes by using the "civil defense supervision course".

From the civil defense regulations (factories and institutes equipment and training their workers) of 1973:
"An arranged factory" – one of these:
1) A factory where 10 workers or more are employed in it and in an education institute or a hospital – but if the number of workers who are employed there is at least ten.
2) A factory where less than 10 workers are employed and it is counted with types of factories that ministry of defense, considering the materials or equipment held by them, the activities that are conducted on them or the structures they are conducted, declared that it is the sensitive factory type.
3) A common factory – two factories or more are founded in one structure, where twenty or more workers are employed
According to chapter 3, training workers in an arranged factory:
An arranged factory owner will appoint to one of his workers to be a commander or commanders on civil defense matters or each part of it. A worker that belongs with the Israel defense forces (Israel's military) will not be appointed to be a commander.


Purpose of training:
Training the pupil to his\her duty as an appointed commander in the civil defense factory\institute and be the home front command intermediary.
Main contents:
- Defying your duty and task supervised by the civil defense in the factory\institute.
- Planning a defense arrangement in the factory facing its unique size and character and accordingly to the civil defense regulations of 1951.
- Knowing the relevant home front command region and cooperating in conjunction with the civil defense field.
- Writing an emergency regulation and an emergency bag for the factory.
- The principals of taking care of events during war or different preparedness situations.
- Supervision regulations, maintaining and taking care of shelters, secure spaces and their equipments.
- Defense guidance's for different emergency events (rockets firing, earthquakes)

• Capacity of students: 15-30 participants (35 on a exceptional approval)
• Duration of the preparation:
- Local authorities, government offices' factories: format of three days.
- The industrials unification: 4 days including a tour day in the factory.
- Ministry of education: two days in a framework morning or 4 days on an evening framework.
- HMO (health maintenance organization), banks – two days.
- You can extend the preparation to 5 days in order to win reward training for the hours.
- Logistics: it is the trained group responsibility to coordinate a class that includes a computer and a slide projector, refreshments throughout the day and launch for the participants.

Fundamental training schedule

You can be aided by guiding preparations of the factory\ emergency instate – in this book, the field of civil defense is written and detailed the general required preparation on the level of a factory\ emergency institute. It's advisable to be aided by a format in a factory book while writing an emergency factory bag. This format contains all of the general required chapters.

If you want to coordinate training for 15 and above participants you need to fill in this form. In this case, a specific date will be announced according to you and your guidance team will come to you to transfer the documents.
If you want to perform training for single participants you need to fill in this form. In this case the participants will be fit together in another valid training of a different organization in your area.