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emergency equipment

To prepare your home for an emergency,
Make sure you’ve got a battery-powered radio, a spare battery for your cell phone, and emergency lighting.

The full list of emergency equipment:
-  A means of communication to help you remain informed (computer, television, battery-powered radio).
-  Cellular phone including a backup battery / portable charger.
-  3 liters of water in sealed bottles per person per day. We recommended you prepare enough water for three days.
-  Food in sealed packages: canned food and snacks.
-  Emergency (LED) lighting, a flashlight and batteries.
-  First-aid kit, medicines.
- Fire extinguisher.
-  Copies of important documents – medical records, prescriptions for regularly taken drugs, identification documents, personal and financial documents.
-  A personal equipment bag in case an evacuation becomes necessary – with sufficient supplies to last several days.
-  List of phone numbers: emergency services, family and neighbors.
-  Other items your family needs, depending on the special needs of each family.