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General Information

In the base, the basic concept of the home front command defies the local authority as a "basic brick" in the civilian space. This definition is caused from the needs to see the local authority as an existence that is capable and takes care of its citizens in an emergency routinely. In the different kinds of emergencies a gap exists between the needs of the rising from the events for the state institutions to give them an appropriate response. One of the components in preparing the authority for an emergency is the organization drafts of the volunteers for its missions in an emergency.
• There are number of components that thought them the local authority can encourage its volunteers. These components consist an infrastructure that will allow the volunteers encouragement in an emergency effectively while utilizing their abilities.
• Volunteer center – there is a great importance of managing the volunteers in the authority by one factor that understands the situation of the picture in general thus will know to navigate the volunteers between the different missions and to track after the volunteer's activity.
• Volunteer's organizations and youths – knowing the
Volunteer's organizations that work in the authority, joining them and determining the way of the cooperation in an emergency will greatly ease of joining in the routine and the coordination of views for an emergency time.
• Volunteers department – the volunteers department is an industry for receiving volunteers. Its importance is that the volunteer whether he\she belongs to an organization and whether a spontaneous one will know where to reach during an emergency in order to volunteer and register in an organized way.
• Personal equipment encouragement and regulations –personal weapon volunteers and regulations in the authority's level consist in fact the concept of the authority in a method to encourage its volunteers, and they are those who are tasked in the authority that deals with volunteers.
• Vocational education – education meaning giving tools for a volunteer to carrying out his\her missions, a volunteer that has go through training will carry out his\her mission better and will even feel a greater obligation for the task.
• Drilling – the authority's drilling in encouraging volunteers is an important stage of encouragement. The experience of encouraging the volunteers in the drilling will aid to the authority in the right way to learn and drawing conclusions before the real mode. Likewise, the drilling will prepare the volunteer for an emergency situation and challenges that he\she will deal with.

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