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Dangerous substances

A dangerous substance is a matter whose purpose is to endanger a person's life and health or cause damage to the environment or property. Dangerous substances are chemical substance that is found mostly in the chemical industries but also in other industries, including in our citizen environment and home settlement.

At home: the dangerous substance that are in the house, are usually found on small amounts. For example: cleaning products, hygiene products, cooking gas, pest control materials, paint and organic solvent.
At the industry: medications, cosmetics, food and drinks, cleaning products, chemicals, fertilizers, electronics, textile, ammunition, energy manufacturing, metal coverings, paint.
There exist different kinds of dangerous substance, the most common of them are: choler gas, ammonia and the house cooking gas. Dangerous substance could cause to risks of poisoning, burns, flammability et cetera if they came in contact with the citizen environment.


 A dangerous substance event can occur from different reasons:
A technical mishap during a manufacturing process, human error, inadequate storage (materials that aren't stored properly), accidents during transportations, nature strikes, war strikes ( missile strike at the tank of the dangerous substances or close by it), sabotage attack ECT. In events with mixtures of poisonous substances the substance cloud moves with the wind direction, and the danger is breathing the substance. In the event that involves flammable or explosive substance, the danger to the person is burns and the shockwave.
In general the danger is small the more you get further away from the area focus event.
The extent of the dangerous substances event, size of the event sector, the different magnitudes of the danger area depends of many parameters: the type of substance and its danger, characteristics of the strike (how many containers were damaged, what exactly happened), and meteorologists conditions (speed of the wind, intensity of the sun radiation and more).