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The "preparedness for emergency" competition – the civilian secure space for an emergency

The home front command understands the importance of dealing with an emergency situation on a daily routine, and leads the emergency preparedness alongside the local authorities.
The purpose of the competition constitutes another stage of development to improve the preparedness of the home front in Israel, to strengthen national power during an emergency, for the safety and welfare of the country's civilians. The home front command and the Israeli council yafa, cooperating with the national emergency authority and the local authorities organize each year a competition with a purpose of promoting the preparedness of the civilian secure space for emergencies.
The competition conceits of 3 fields:
1. The fitness and maintenance of the public shelters.
2. The fitness of shelters and secured spaces in hospitals.
3. "Online dialogue with the home front – the local authorities' preparedness with the online media.
The participation of the authority in the competition makes another step of its preparedness for an emergency.
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