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The Home Front Commant Courses

The engineering and protection branch in the home front command performs supervision and inspection of maintaining the civil defense law on the subject of physical protection.
The supervision is carried out by writing regulation and guidance's and their enforcement by the means of the home front command engineers.

The home front command engineer's office gives out service on these next words:

Each request for a construction permit must have the home front command's approval of determining the required secure space.
In order to receive a construction permit on the behalf of the home front command, you need to coordinate an appointment of examining plans at the district engineer and arrive with 4 copies of the plans to hand in.
The handing in plans:
1. Architecture plans of the building in a scale (map) of 1:100, including sections and battlefronts.
2. Architecture plans of the secure space in a scale (map) of 1:50 that matches the plans in a scale (map) of 1:100, including sections trough window and door of the secure space.
3.  A construction plan of the secure space in the scale (map) of 1:50, including the hardness details.

Each request for adding construction, appointed change or designation utilization must have the home front command approval.
According to the exemption regulations there are rules and terms in handing out exemption of constructing a secure space or enlargement.
In order to receive an exemption from constructing a secure space, you need to hand out to the district engineer these next writings:
1. Two plans of the construction
2. Two forms (documents) request for an exemption, signed by the local committee for planning and constructing.
3. A test report of the valid and protected secure space intactness.

The recommendation for a settling permit (form 4) will be given by the district engineer.
The district engineer, or a representative on his behalf, will come to the building and examine that the secure space was constructed according to the civil defense program is approved and in accordance to the regulation.
Before the examination you need to pass to the district engineer these next things:
1. The civil defense program is approved
2. Examining the concrete strength (floor, walls and the ceiling of the secure space)
3. Imperviousness examination
4. Covering examination
5. Frameworks examination
6. Approval of filter system installation
7. Other examinations