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Keeping the guidelines of WMD

In a public space we must adhere to the guidelines of WMD: Washing hands, Mask, and Distance. This way we will not infect anyone.

The Corona virus is transmitted from person to person by drops while speaking, coughing or sneezing. In most cases the droplet is microscopic and indistinguishable. Most people who become infected with corona will not see signs of illness, will not feel or see patients, none the less they are contagious because they can transmit the virus to others.

If we obey the regulations, we can significantly reduce the risk of being infected with Corona, as well as the risk that we will infect others. Fulfilling the guidelines also includes the rules of adherence to simple rules of conduct required of us, and which can be remembered according to the acronym WMD  washing hands, mask, and distance. What do they include?


Regulations today require you to cover your mouth and nose with a mask in public places, everywhere other than your residence.  The following situations are exceptions:

1. Children under the age of 7. It will be clarified that all elementary school students are required to wear masks at school and during transportation, even if they are under 7 years old.

2. Someone with a medical reason and a certificate to that effect.

3. When driving alone or with people who live together.

4. When treating a minor without contact.

5. When treating a patient without contact on condition that the patient and caregiver are at least 3 m away from each other.

6. A participant in a media broadcast.

7. Two workers who share a room permanently so long as there is a 2 m distance between them.

8. During sport activities.

Wearing a face mask greatly reduces our risk of infection, and in case we are sick it also reduces the risk of others around us being infected. That is, if a carrier of the virus meets another person and they both wear a mouthpiece, the protection increases to 95%.

The fine for not wearing a mask in the public space is about NIS 500.


In accordance with guidelines, avoid contact and maintain a distance of 2 meters between individuals.

Hand washing

Ensure the hygiene and hand-washing rules are followed. This is because the virus may remain on surfaces for long periods of time.

Remember: Wearing a mask, combined with maintaining a distance of 2 meters from others and hand washing, substantially reduces the risk of infection from patients both in public and in closed areas, even among people who live in the same building.